Is Alinea Starting a Farm?

By Sarah Freeman  |  August 21, 2013

World class restaurant and one of the top dining destination in Chicago, Alinea, prepares a lot of crazy cuisine in its discrete, grey building. How do they come up with dishes such as “Hot Potato, Cold Potato”? An interview on Potluck Video shows the thought process of chefs Grant Achatz, Mike Bagale and Eric Rivera, as well as how the restaurant evolved over the past eight years and what is next for the establishment.

Hint: it might be a farm.

Around the five-minute mark in the video is when Achatz begins talking about the high cost of purchasing specialty ingredients from purveyors. For the same price, the team can purchase a small farm just outside of Chicago. There, they would be able to grow unique herbs and heirloom varieties.

In addition to supplying produce to the restaurant, Alinea's hypothetical farm could host farm dinners in the middle of a field. Achatz said that part of the experience would be a farm-to-table meal, but the space would be conducive to progressing this meal though meadow and a forest. He also talked about incorporating music into his upscale, down-on-the-farm dinners.

This is all just an idea, and likely merely insight into the creative mind of a chef.