Judy Rodgers of Legendary Zuni Cafe Dies at 57

By Kelly Dobkin  |  December 3, 2013

Inside Scoop SF reports the tragic news that famed Zuni Cafe chef and cookbook author Judy Rodgers has passed away at age 57. The chef had been battling a rare form of cancer for years (read an inspiring essay about it from chef Gayle Pirie here) and unfortunately succumbed to the disease today. Rodgers' Zuni Cafe opened in 1987 and was initially a Southwestern-influenced spot before turning to the California-Mediterranean cuisine it became known for. Chefs and food media are already sending their condolences out via Twitter. Here are a few ways Rodgers has been remembered already:

Chris Cosentino ‏@offalchris: "It's a sad day! Judy Rodgers thank you for the inspiration. Amazing chef and even more important an amazing person. RIP"

Hugh Acheson @hughacheson: "For almost 2 yrs I walked by Zuni Cafe daily on my way to work at Mecca. Seminal restaurant started by an amazing chef. RIP Judy Rodgers."

Alex Guarnaschelli @guarnaschelli: "Rest in peace Judy Rodgers. The Zuni cafe cookbook was an inspiration to my mother and me, especially. You will be missed. #rip"

Ruth Reichl @ruthreichl: "So sad to learn that Judy Rodgers is gone. Judy was the most modest, inspirational, intelligent chef. A lovely person and true pioneer. RIP."

Naomi Pomeroy @naomipomeroy: "So sad to wake to news of Judy Rodgers. She was a true pioneer of grace and simplicity in cooking. I am so grateful for her gifts #zunicafe"