Live Blog: Waiting for a Cronut at 6 AM in NYC

By Tamara Palmer  |  August 27, 2013

Today is the day. Many days have passed where we've said "this is the morning that I will wake up at 4 AM, go to SoHo, and wait in line for three hours to see what a donut and croissant taste like when they are combined." Today, our blogger Tamara Palmer made that dive. Behold her updates, live from the dozens-deep line outside of Dominique Ansel Bakery. Because this is what you have to do for a Cronut. 

6:15 AM: I have succumbed to the cult of the Cronut line. I hate lines and getting up early but I need to know about the pastry that has captured the imagination of people around the world. There are 53 people in front of me, some chilling out in deck chairs and sleeping bags, and I hate them all for having more dedication to the mission than I do. 

6:30 AM: The first guy in line said he got here at 5 AM. He looks pretty pleased with himself. I wonder if people in line have done this before - they seem to have their systems down pat. Turns out a lot of them have - people are passing the time comparing notes about previous waits and flavors. 

6:45 AM: A super pregnant lady just joined the back of the line. Wondering if she'll be able to skirt the two Cronuts per person rule since she is technically eating for two.

7:00 AM: Pro tip. Do you play chess? If so, bring your set to the Cronut line so you can pass the time playing at one of the tables on Thompson Street. 

7:05 AM: I did not bring chess. I did bring a trash bag. I am sitting on it, on the street, surrounded by pigeons. A breadcrumb just fell at my feet. I am a bird.

7:25 AM: There are about 50 people behind me now. My math isn't so hot but it seems as though they'll all get a Cronut since the bakery makes 300 of them for the line each day. Wondering if I could have slept in another hour. 

7:45 AM: Dominque Ansel bakery opens in 15 minutes. Working on the choreography for the Cronut success dance I hope to be doing at some point in the 8 AM hour. 

8:00 AM: It's on and popping baby! Here we go! 

8:35 AM: Still waiting in line - so close I can almost taste it. Don't let the "opening time" fool you though - inching forward toward the door is almost as painful as garbage bag sitting. At least when you're ambulatory the pigeons leave you alone. 

8:51 AM: Cronuts secured! Need some alone time now. I want to spend at least as much time ogling as I do eating. 

8:57 AM: I shouldn't feel such a sense of accomplishment but I do. Enjoying every bite and finding the Cronut to be more substantial than I expected. Thank you chef Ansel!

Cronut Line, By the Numbers: 

First Person in Line: 5 AM 

My arrival: 6:15 AM 

Number of people in front of me: 54

Approximate number of people in line at store opening: At least 120

Time spent waiting for store to open: 1 hour and 45 minutes 

Time spent waiting to get in once store opened: 50 minutes 

Total time spent acquiring Cronut: 2 hours and 35 minutes 

Money spent: About $25 for two Cronuts, two kouign amann and a mint tea. 

  • The money shot.