Bug Out: 3 Places to Eat Insects in London

By Malika Dalamal  |  August 27, 2013

Call it a sustainable food source - or just plain gross - but insects have been crawling onto menus all over London recently. Here are three places to taste creepy crawlies for yourself, if you dare.

Calling the menu at this Fitzrovia restaurant exotic would be an understatement. Along with crocodile, kangaroo and ostrich, they offer a popular Love Bug Salad served with pan-fried locusts and crickets in chile and garlic.

This group of four students, who hope to raise awareness about the benefits of eating insects (and ultimately get them on supermarket shelves), has just hosted its first pop-up restaurant. If you can't wait for the next one, hire them for a private event and serve your guests the likes of grasshopper mousse or buffalo caterpillar and chives pâté.

Edible Shop
The Edible Shop at Selfridges Food Hall offers insect delicacies from around the world like ready-to-cook scorpions, chocolate-covered ants and BBQ worms crisps.