5 Sweet Treats That Go Perfectly With Coffee

By Malika Dalamal  |  February 25, 2014

Since we've got coffee on the brain this week, it would be a shame not to accompany those perfect cups of joe with an equally good snack. It's not easy to pick favourites, but here are five coffee-break treats guaranteed to make your afternoon a little sweeter.

S'mores at Ottolenghi
Traditionally an American kid summer-camp treat, s'mores are given a sophisticated twist at Ottolenghi with a biscuit covered in a layer of dipped chocolate, melted marshmallow and a layer of peanuts. You definitely won't want to share them with any children.
Various locations

Pastel de Nata at Lisboa Patisserie
This unassuming and authentic Portuguese cafe near Portobello Road serves traditional milky coffee and strong espressos, as well as the best Portuguese custard tarts in town. Unlike many others this side of Portugal, these are freshly baked and served warm. Get there early as they fly off the shelves.
57 Goldborne Rd., W10 5NR; 020 8968 5242

Baci di Dama at Carluccio's
What could be sweeter than bite-size biscuits with a chocolate hazelnut filling that translate as 'Lady's Kisses'? This Italian specialty is made from a buttery hazelnut dough that makes it impossible to eat just one.
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Cinnamon Bun at The Nordic Bakery
You can smell the best-selling cinnamon bun - similar to a pain au chocolate - before you even enter this Scandinavian bakery. Fluffy swirls of pastry are softened by sweet cinnamon syrup and wrapped in a light crispy skin. Bite through all the layers at once for a little piece of heaven with your afternoon coffee.
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Madeleines at St. John Bread and Wine
Usually served as dessert at the modern British restaurant, these light and fluffy mini sponge cakes are freshly made to order and served straight from the oven. You'll have to wait 15 minutes for your half a dozen to be served, but the crisp warm edges and buttery interior is well worth the wait.
94 Commercial St., E1 6LZ; 020 3301 8069