London's Overrated and Underrated Restaurant Trends

By Malika Dalamal  |  November 3, 2013

What do you love and hate about London's restaurant scene? We asked, you answered. Read on for the most underrated and overrated trends. Have we missed your pet peeve or favourite thing? Let us know in the comment box below.

  • Overrated: Industrial-Chic Interiors

    Exposed-brick wall, vents and pipes running across the ceiling, and furniture made from reclaimed wood - we've seen it once, we've seen it 100 times. We want to eat somewhere where the decor is as exciting and fresh as the food.

  • Underrated: Single-Dish Restaurants 

    Entire restaurants dedicated to one particular food type like Burger & Lobster, Flesh and Buns (Hirata Buns), Bubbledogs (hot dogs) or Koya (ramen noodles) get Mumbai-based blogger Kushboo Thadani excited about dining out in London.

  • Overrated: Alternative Serving Dishes

    Drinks served from jam jars? Dessert served from a flower pot? The Evening Standard restaurant critic Fay Maschler is not convinced by the trend for alternative serving dishes. "I like round white plates. I don’t want square, oblong, cantilevered or bowls so deep that the cutlery slips in and leaves you with mucky hands. I’d rather not have my food served in Kilner jars or containers from a chemistry lab. I don’t want be given nourishment via pipettes, eye droppers, test tubes, beakers, hypodermic needles or intravenously."

  • Underrated: Street Food

    While some of our favourite street-food vendors have now found bricks-and-mortar homes around London (MEATliquor, Pizza Pilgrims, Pitt Cue Co), a new generation of roaming foodies have taken to the streets. Boutique Bakery Sweet Couture tweets, "we love discovering trucks and stalls in random places especially in the City where they add taste, fun and culture."

  • Overrated: No Reservations

    We're hungry, cold and busy. We don't have time to wait three hours for a table at the hot new restaurant that doesn't take reservations. Bring back the reservation line.

  • Underrated: Mexican Food

    It wasn't long ago that good Mexican food was hard to find in London. Twitter reader The Frugal Fan remembers those days and appreciates the growing trend for upmarket Mexican restaurants in the Capital. "A good margarita," he says, "makes all the difference."