Where to Eat a Real Donut

By Malika Dalamal  |  September 24, 2013

All this talk of Cronuts (a croissant-donut hybrid pastry that originated in NY) has us craving the real thing. Read on to find three of our favourite gourmet donuts in London.

  • You Doughnuts

    You'll be able to smell one of our favourite food trucks, You Doughnut, before you see it. The sugary bites sound ordinary enough, but don't be fooled - these mini donuts are extra fluffy, cooked while you watch using top-quality ingredients and offered in unusual flavours like salted caramel, orange, coffee-maple syrup, ginger or Peruvian chocolate. Follow the truck on Twitter to find its next location. Or just follow your nose.

  • The Harwood Arms

    The award-winning Fulham pub often includes gourmet donuts on their weekly changing menu. These deep-fried mini-balls are served with anything from fig jam to sea buckthorn curd and sour cream, which sounds bizarre but perfectly counterbalances all the sugar.

  • 34

    If there is still space for dessert in your stomach after your meal at Richard Caring's steak and seafood restaurant, the cinnamon donuts will fill it nicely. The plate of delicious mini sugar-coated dough balls is served with chocolate or raspberry sauce for dipping.