3 Frozen Coffee Treats for Hot Days in LA

By Lesley Balla  |  June 4, 2014
Credit: Lesley Balla

When it comes to keeping cool and caffeinated in LA, there are great iced coffee drinks and there are even affogatos - two things we personally can't live without. But then there are the frozen coffee drinks, which sometimes feel more like dessert with a jolt than the average morning cuppa, and there's nothing wrong with that. The big chains know this: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has made Iced Blendeds in all sorts of flavors, and Starbucks is currently serving Frappuccinos from a truck all over LA through June 15. But we prefer local versions made with real coffee or espresso, good ice cream and milk, sans cat memes and hashtags. Here are some favorites around town.

Top Round: The roast beef and frozen custard emporium has a new treat on the menu: a coffee shake. Made from cold brew made by LAMILL using a  "special method only done for us," in the words of co-owner Steven Fretz. It's blended with that fabulously rich frozen custard and milk to make a coffee shake. Get it daily at the stand, whether you ordered a sandwich and fries or not. (But why would you not?)

Caffe Vita: Espresso granita. Get it. The frozen espressso treat at the Silver Lake coffeeshop starts off as a sort of iced coffee slushie topped with fresh whipped cream. As it melts, the whole thing turns into a perfectly sweet, creamy iced coffee. 

G&B Coffee and Go Get 'Em Tiger: Charles Babinski and Kyle Glanville took to their espresso shake with the same exacting precision they do their coffee brewing methods. That is to say, every ingredient - amazing vanilla ice cream, espresso and milk - was considered, measured and combined exactly how they want it to be, which results in a wonderfully thick coffee shake. No whipped cream, no powders, foams or fake sweeteners - it's simple and absolutely divine. Get the coffee shake at both the Larchmont coffee shop and the Grand Central Market counter.