The 3 Best Bloody Marys to Cure Weekday Blues in LA

By Lesley Balla  |  March 18, 2014

When a "holiday" like St. Patrick's Day happens, there are bound to be a few hangovers in need of attention the day after. The best remedy: a really fantastic Bloody Mary. Some restaurants reserve the specialty for weekend brunch. Others know that any day could use a splash of fresh tomato juice, a little spice and vodka (or gin or tequila). Get your fix at these three spots any day of the week.

The Greyhound: The newish Highland Park watering hole opens at noon every day, which means the Bloody Mary - spruced up with signature spicy wing spices and garnished with housemade pickled green beans and onions - is yours for the sipping just as soon as the afternoon begins.

The Hungry Cat: The housemade tomato juice gets a kick of Maryland-style spice (AKA Old Bay) before getting mixed with citrus, hot sauce, Worcestershire and more. At the height of summer, when tomatoes are in season, it’s absolutely sublime: the juice tastes like it was squeezed from the vine that morning. Even in the winter, this is a pretty perfect remedy for all that ails you, especially topped with a garden of pickled vegetables. It's served daily at lunch and weekend brunch.

Fig Santa Monica: The Fairmont Miramar restaurant is the perfect spot for breakfast, whether you’re a hotel guest or not. The sun-filled dining room or patio by the pool is the perfect spot to nurse the decisions you made the night before, especially with a Fig Mary in hand. The house mix is so fresh and spicy, the vodka doesn’t even matter (though it helps). And yes, to go with it, there are chilaquiles -  the second greatest hangover cure known to man.