3 New Burgers to Devour for Burger Month

By Lesley Balla  |  May 8, 2014
Credit: Umami Burger

When you have an entire month devoted to burgers, there are bound to be some new creations to try. Here are three, from a celebrity chef-driven Spanish number to one that tops the Scoville scale. All are available throughout the month of May (and even beyond).

Silicon Beach Burger: Del Frisco's Grille has a few things going for it: it's right across from the Santa Monica Pier, which you can see from the bar, and it has a damn good burger. For May, however, chef Daniel Tiger created this new beast as an ode to the neighborhood. The Silicon Beach beef burger gets a Pacific twist with grilled pineapple, eel sauce, bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and spicy mayo with or without a bun (it is Santa Monica, after all). The burger comes with a side of fries for $16, but on May 28, National Burger Day, anyone with the initials D.F.G. will get it for free (1551 Ocean Ave.; 310-395-7333).

DEATH aka La Parka: For heat hounds, there's this craziness from the Grill 'Em All guys in Alhambra. It starts with an innocent half-pound beef patty and then gets entirely too evil: the patty is sprinkled with ghost pepper salt and topped with braised goat ghost chile mole, plantain, ghost pepper jack cheese, crema, fiesta rice and avocado. The name? You might know it if your a death metal head (it's named for a band named Death) or a fan of Mexican luchadores (La Parka). What you really need to know is there's a warning: "This burger contains intense heat components." (19 E. Main St.; 626-284-2874).

The José Andrés Burger: Ever wonder what kind of burger José Andrés would make? On May 20, you'll find out. That's when all Umami Burger locations around the country will unleash chef his creation on the world. It's Spanish-inspired, of course: a ground pork and prosciutto patty topped with a piquillo pepper confit, caramelized onion and Manchego cheese. One dollar from the sale of each burger will be donated to World Central Kitchen, a humanitarian organization launched by Andrés to help end hunger and poverty. There will also be some new special sides to go along with it, like patatas bravas and date and cured ham pintxos. The burger will be available while supplies last.