3 New Ramen Shops for Slurping Around LA

By Lesley Balla  |  July 25, 2014
Credit: Tatsu Ramen

So what if it's blazing hot. A bowl of porky, murky ramen, or perhaps the dipping tsukemen version, is the only thing you want. Thankfully the ramen frenzy in LA hasn't simmered down yet. Here are three newcomers now steaming up the scene.

Little Tokyo: If the lines at Daikokuya or Shin Sen Gumi are too long, which is just about always, the new Ramen Maruya is worth checking out. Set in Little Tokyo's Village Plaza, the place is small and clean, with a menu that covers the basics — tonkotsu, tsukemen, spicy or even chilled ramen are all available, as well as some small bites like karaage chicken, gyoza and salads. Early reports from ramen-lovers is positive (106 Japanese Village Plaza Mall).

South Pasadena: Dangling light bulbs, slate gray metal chairs, different shades of polished woods — even the ramen restaurants follow the design trends du jour. Tucked behind the Bristol Farms, Modan Ramen is hawking "artisanal" ramen, their twists on traditional tonkotsu, soy (shoyu), vegetarian and spicy ramen. Karrage wings, pork sliders and Brussels sprouts also make appearances on the small menu (700 Fair Oaks Ave.; 626-799-2878)

Hollywood: And finally, Sawtelle's popular Tatsu Ramen, where you order and customize your Bold, Soul, Naked or Black ramen via a large iPad screen, opens a new offshoot on the corner of La Brea and Melrose on Saturday, July 26. The space is open and mod, with lots of counter and communal seatting, geometric shapes on the ceilings, blonde woods with pops of bold primary colors, and a room where you can see the noodles themselves get made. For the opening, hours are limited: 11 AM-2 PM and 7-10 PM (7111 Melrose Ave.; 323-747-1388).