The 6 Best Corned Beef Sandwiches in Los Angeles

By Lesley Balla  |  March 17, 2014
Credit: Nate 'n Al

Thankfully corned beef isn’t just a St. Patrick’s Day delicacy. Sure, it’s great with boiled potatoes and a side of cabbage but we’ll take it thinly sliced on rye bread with mustard and - if we're feeling Reuben-esque - Thousand Island dressing and Swiss cheese, any day of the week. Here are five spots to get your corned beef fix today in LA, with no green beer and “Kiss me I’m Irish!” shirts in sight.

Nate ‘N Al's Delicatessen: This busy Beverly Hills joint has all the hallmarks of a great LA deli: big breakfasts, showbiz regulars, bagels and lox, deli meats galore, latkes, pickles and surly servers. The corned beef on double-baked rye is excellent. But the The Hollywood - a sandwich made with corned beef, rye, coleslaw and Russian dressing - is even better. (414 N. Beverly Dr.; 310-274-0101).

Canter’s: The 24/7 Fairfax mainstay is still the place for a huge menu full of mile-high deli sandwiches, cookies from the pastry cases and even late-night fun in the Kibbitz Room next door. They claim to have served nine million pounds of corned beef in just over 80 years - a high claim indeed. The corned beef sandwich is so popular, we almost believe them (419 N. Fairfax Ave.; 323-651-2030).

Billy’s Deli: This Glendale landmark has been serving hot deli sandwiches and comfort food since 1948. Almost as popular as "the wall" made of ceramic, hand-sculpted blocks of cheese, bread, salami sticks and wine casks is the corned beef sandwich, which comes piled high with whatever you like: coleslaw and dressing or just cheese and mustard or even plain. It doesn't matter how you get it - as long as the rye bread is fresh. And here, the rye bread is always fresh. There's also a corned beef and cabbage plate if you're feeling a little St. Paddy's Day craving any time of year (216 N. Orange St.; 818-246-1689).

Greenblatt’s: You really need nothing more than an overloaded corned beef (or pastrami) sandwich and a bottle of red wine from the popular West Hollywood deli. The attached wine store makes party or dinner shopping pretty much a one-stop affair. The late-night hours (open till 2 AM) are a godsend sometimes (8017 Sunset Blvd.; 323-656-0606).

Langer’s: If LA was built on pastrami (it wasn't), the MacArthur Park deli would be the strong shoulders holding up all the others. After all, the #19 is as iconic to LA as an In-N-Out burger. But the corned beef shouldn't be overlooked, gorgeous pink slices served on that amazing rye bread - or just on a plate with cabbage - is a year-round treat (704 S. Alvarado St.; 213-483-8050).

Art’s: On the Studio City scene since 1957, the no-nonsense deli doles out the obligatory sandwiches like pastrami, turkey, tongue and - of course - corned beef. A newfangled twist: you can even get them as sliders (12224 Ventura Blvd.; 818-762-1221).