7 Cronut Knock-Offs to Try Around LA

By Lesley Balla  |  August 8, 2013

You can buy knock-off bags all over New York City, and now you can buy knock-off versions of New York City's famed Cronut all over LA. After all, if we're not setting trends in Los Angeles, we're definitely following them. Bakeries all over town have jumped on the Cronut bandwagon, creating their version of Dominique Ansel's croissant-donut hybrid with wacky names so as not to be sued for copyright infringement (one already had to change the name from Kronut to O-Nut because the former was too close to the trademarked "Cronut"). Here are six places we've spotted them around town recently. If you know more or have a favorite, definitely let us know in the comments.

  • The Doughnot at Village Bakery and Cafe

    Owner Barbara Monderine figured she and her bakers made great croissants and donuts, so why not make a hybrid? The Doughnot was created on a lark and served only on weekends at the Atwater Village spot, but now you might catch the treat on special during the week. The flaky pastry is baked and split in two, filled with chocolate pastry cream and topped with chocolate.

    3119 Los Feliz Blvd.; 323-662-8600

  • Double Decker O-Nut at DK's Donuts

    One of the first to jump on the Cronut knock-off train was this 33-year-old Santa Monica donut shop. It started simple, a croissant-donut filled with Nutella or cream. Now there are more than a dozen flavors, from pineapple-coconut to a sausage-and-egg version. You can also find O-Nuts filled with blueberries or strawberries and cream, lemon, guava or topped with bacon. The original Kronut moniker was a play off of the bakery's name, but Ansel's lawyers came after them, so they changed it to the Double Decker O-Nut. 

    1614 Santa Monica Blvd.; 310-829-2512

  • The Crumbnut at Crumbs Bake Shop

    Only the Los Angeles locations (Larchmont, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Glendale, Malibu) are selling the cupcake shop's version of the Cronut, which seems to be getting NYC fans in a tizzy (Crumbs started there). The Crumbnut has no fancy fillings or icings, just a simple flaky croissant pastry in the shape of a donut, which is odd considering the sugary sweet cupcakes the bakery is known for.

    Multiple locations

  • The Brioughnut from ConfeXion Cupcakes

    These little doo-dads come from the two-time Cupcake Wars champions that obviously do more than just cupcakes. The Brioughnut donut-brioche mash-ups - more donut than croissant and only glazed, not filled with icing - were only available on Saturdays and Sundays, but due to popular demand, new flavors are starting to roll out during the week. You'll find combos like strawberry lemonade, chocolate bacon caramel, peanut butter and chocolate, and more traditional vanilla, chocolate or red velvet.

    11 W. Dayton St.; 626-486-9977

  • The Crullant at Semi Sweet Bakery

    Leave it to Sharlena Fong to come up with a light, flaky treat that could stand on its own, even without the Cronut hysteria. The Crullant is baked, as opposed to Ansel's fried version, and comes glazed without a filling. Simple and sweet.

    105 E. Sixth St.; 213-228-9975

  • Credit: Just Jenn/Flickr

    Frances Donut at Frances Bakery & Coffee

    To avoid litigation over the name, this Little Tokyo bakery keeps it simple. The Frances Donut is crisp on the outside - because it's fried, not baked - with layers of flaky croissant inside. The custard-filled treats aren't overly sweet and come in simple chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, lemon custard or cream flavors. 

    404 E. Second St.; 213-680-4899

  • The Doughssant at Spudnuts Donuts

    Known for topping its fresh-baked donuts with anything from gummy worms to cereal, the croissant-donut version at this Canoga Park bakery is surprisingly simple. The flaky pastry is filled with whipped vanila or chocolate custard, lightly glazed and drizzled with icing or dusted with powdered sugar. New flavors seem to be on the horizon, such as banana cream pie and fruit-and-cream filled.

    8225 Topanga Canyon Blvd.; 818-348-5054