A Look at Tom Bergin's Last Hurrah

By Lesley Balla  |  July 11, 2013

The news came swift and hard: With only a few days notice, Tom Bergin's current owners, Warner Ebbink and Brandon Boudet among them, decided to close the doors to the 77-year-old institution this weekend. Considered one of the oldest bars in Los Angeles, there are generations of fans, most of whom were very vocal about the turn of events. Ebbink released a statement that after the two-year-long renovation and reopening of the bar last year, there just weren't enough customers to sustain the business. He also said that they would keep every inch of the place intact, i.e. the shamrocks will stay on the ceiling, in hopes that someone will buy the the whole place lock, stock and barrel. We had to visit the place for one last Irish Coffee on Sunday - just in case it's the last one we'd ever have.

The late-afternoon crowd was a mix of die-hard regulars, many pointing and snapping photos of their personal shamrock on the ceiling, former and current employees, Guinness-loving barhoppers hoping to glimpse history before it's gone, and other looky-loos simply interested in seeing a place on its last day of business. Luke Perry even jumped behind the bar to pour some whiskey at one point. Noticeably not there? Ebbink or any of the current owners, but there were very big bouncers outside in case things got rowdy (it didn't, beyond the regular drunken toasts, etc.).

The bartenders worked overtime to make as many coffees as they could, and at least around 5 PM, there was still beer to sell - not the case around 7 PM. Friends posting on the social medias were keeping us updated: there was no more beer, just whiskey; there were people on top of the bar making toasts; and last call happened way before 2 AM, at least that's what we heard. We overheard many an employee and/or regular ask, "Where were all of these people before?" We had hoped to see end-of-night photos on the TB Facebook page, but it looks like they took it down completely. There is a new Keep Tom Bergin's Open page, however. Take a look below at some snaps from our final visit.