Best Thing We Ate

Craziest Thing We Ate: The Donut Bacon Cheeseburger at The Escondite

By Lesley Balla  |  July 18, 2013

If you thought a donut sloppy joe was something, there's this: a bacon cheeseburger donut. Yes, folks, it's here and it's...crazy. Crazy to eat, anyway, which is why the artery-clogger is only available one day a week at the uber-hidden The Escondite in Little Tokyo. You don't really need a glazed donut bun on anything, but you know what, it, lovingly turned inside out so you don't "get your hands all sticky," it still kind of tastes pretty good with a burger. The sweetness matches the bacon; the cheese meets the burger quite nicely. The patty itself is medium rare, well-seasoned and a good chuck blend.

The appropriately named Fat Albert is just the tip for The Escondite, which specializes in absolutely bonkers burgers, some topped with mac and cheese and bacon, others with Doritos and Velveeta and jalapenos, peanut butter and banana, or stuffed with gobs of blue cheese, deep-fried and then smothered in Buffalo wing hot sauce and topped with Pringles. It's...madness.

Thrillist featured the daily specials today, and half the fun is the names - The Nacho Man Randy Savage (Mondays), the John Belu-Cheese (Tuesdays), Mr. Furley (Wednesday), the donut-ed Fat Albert (Thursdays), the Re-Run, which is a deli sandwich on top of a burger (Fridays), the Elvis (Saturdays) and the pastrami-topped Louie D Palma (Sundays). But know there is a huge menu of wacky burgers available every day, including one made with a hash brown patty, a burger, and topped with an egg - the Captain Kangaroo, natch.

The ones we tasted were pretty extreme, and maybe it was because we tasted so many at one time, but finishing even one burger seems like a total feat. Still, if you're into Slim Jim-stuffed burgers doused in cheese sauce, La Escondite is the place. Plus, the bar is long and dark even on the sunniest of days, there are lots of craft brews, and the covered patio hidden behind a parking lot is pretty rad. A total find all around.