Drink of the Week: The Blue Sky at 1886

By Lesley Balla  |  August 7, 2014
Credit: acuna-hansen

The mix masters at 1886, the semi-secret bar inside The Raymond restaurant, are always creating cocktails with great stories behind them. The list changes seasonally — more chilled sippers for warmer months and warming quaffs for winter — and they've just unleashed the latest round for the dog days of summer. In true form, out of the dozen or so new cocktails, which feature everything from pirate-themed tiki drinks to a savory pina colada, there are some pretty wacky items.

One of the craziest is the Blue Sky, a collaboration between the restaurant's pastry chef, Isaac Carter, and barman Peter Lloyd Jones, who are both obviously big Breaking Bad fans. It's not so much what's in the glass, which is a balanced blend of mezcal, tequila, watermelon juice and a fiery habanero-infused vanilla syrup, but how it's served — on a mirror and garnished with blue citrus-sugar crystals. We're surprised they didn't call it the Walter White. As gimmicky as it sounds, the combination of sweet watermelon and spicy vanilla works, and the sugar is a fun treat at the end. Plus the pink and blue hues remind us of sunny days next to the pool. Find it and the new menu available throughout the rest of the summer.