LA's 9 Best Sushi Spots

By Kara Newman  |  October 4, 2013

Asking an Angeleno where they eat sushi is akin to asking someone what their sign is: it tells you everything about them - where they live, how they eat, what they'll spend. We all have our preference for where to get the best nigiri, sashimi and omakase, whether it's a fantastic strip-mall find or the most expensive restaurant in the city, and each has its place along the sushi map of LA. We're spotlighting those restaurants you've rated highest in our guide. If your favorite didn't make the top 9, get voting!

  • Katsu-ya
    Admirers “never tire” of chef-owner Katsuya Uechi’s Studio City “original” and its Encino offshoot, presenting “sublime” raw fish, “unique” cooked dishes and “can’t-miss” “blackboard specials”; the “long lines”, “crammed”, “super-bland” rooms and “off-the-charts” noise levels are downsides, but if you can roll with it all, it’s “incredible for the price.”

    11680 Ventura Blvd.; 818-985-6976

  • Hamasaku

    “Swimmingly fresh” sushi and a “cornucopia” of “creative” rolls “named after celebs” headline an “adventurous” menu at this “superlative” West LA Japanese also offering a “kick-ass omakase”; though it’s hidden behind a nondescript facade, it’s a “favorite” for the “rich and famous”, complete with “VIP” service and prices.

    11043 Santa Monica Blvd.; 310-479-7636

  • Mori Sushi

    Afishionados advise “get the omakase” at this West LA Japanese, and sure, it’ll cost “Mori of your money”, but “it’s worth it” for “exquisite” sushi made with the “freshest” seafood and “brilliant” specially grown rice, served on the chef’s own “incredible handmade” ceramics; “warm” service and a room graced with “beautiful art” round out an experience so “sublime” that even “fish want to come here when they die.”

    11500 W. Pico Blvd.; 310-479-3939

  • Takao
    This “unpretentious gem” in Brentwood “gives the sushi big guns a run for their money” with its “memorable” omakase and other “exceptional”, “authentic” Japanese offerings; there’s “no annoying movie-star vibe” in the “unexceptional, small room”, just “friendly, reliable” service and “inspired” dining, and sure, it’s “not cheap”, but most agree it’s “worth it.”

    11656 San Vicente Blvd.; 310-207-8636

  • Sushi Zo
    “Omakase, omigod!” exclaim enthusiasts of this West LA Japanese “where the chef decides what you eat” and you “just sit back and let the good times roll” in the form of “heavenly sushi” (albeit at “out-of-this-world prices”); “zero atmosphere” is no problem for afishionados, for whom its strip-mall location “next to a taco joint” “only adds to its otherworldliness.”

    9824 National Blvd.; 310-842-3977

  • Urasawa
    A “culinary experience without peer outside of Kyoto or Tokyo”, this omakase-only Beverly Hills Japanese showcases the “art” of “friendly wizard” Hiro Urasawa, whose “meticulous, warm” hospitality has earned it LA’s No. 1 Service honors; “one-of-a-kind sushi and cooked dishes” are served in a “pristine, elegant” room, and while you may have to take out a “second mortgage” to foot the bill, most agree it’s “worth it” for the “meal of the year – or a lifetime.”

    218 N. Rodeo Dr.; 310-247-8939

  • Asanebo
    “Celebs and foodies literally rub shoulders” at the “crowded” bar of this Japanese “standout” on Studio City’s sushi row showcasing chef Tetsuya Nakao’s “delectable”, “top-end” creations “painstakingly constructed” from “extremely fresh” fish; though it thrives in a “no-frills” strip-mall setting, don’t let appearances deceive you – the “steep” bills are not for the faint of wallet.

    11941 Ventura Blvd.; 818-760-3348

  • Nishimura
    A standard-bearer for “excellent” sushi, this WeHo Japanese is popular among purists who laud the “authentic” approach of chef-owner Hiro Nishimura; the entrance, hidden in a small garden, leads into a minimalist interior, and the overall vibe is calm – at least until the bill arrives.

    8684 Melrose Ave.; 310-659-4770

  • Matsuhisa

    The “original temple” that made “master chef” Nobu Matsuhisa “a household name”, this Beverly Hills “masterpiece” regains LA’s top title for Food in this year’s Survey thanks to “superlative” sushi and “innovative”, Peruvian-accented Japanese “works of art”; the “staff is amazing”, while the setting is “simple” and “unassuming” relative to the “hype”, and though the “bills have many digits before the decimal”, most deem it a “must.”

    129 N. La Cienega Blvd.; 310-659-9639