LA's Ace Hotel Splashes Big Into Downtown LA

By Lesley Balla  |  January 7, 2014
Credit: Bringham Yen

It's nice of GQ to notice that Downtown LA is becoming its own fantastic village, as viewed through the I'm-supposed-to-hate-LA-but-it's-actually-really-cool NYC lens. We already know how rad the collection of neighborhoods within the neighborhood is. Today, however, it gets just that much cooler with the opening of the highly-anticipated Ace Hotel in the 1927 United Artist Theatre building near 9th and Broadway. Almost all of the 180 rooms are ready, although they're still putting the final touches on half of the floors, all done up in that Ace aesthetic: open layout, sleek hipster design, WiFi, etc. There's a grand historic theater that will be put to good use with a kick-off concert in February, lots of public space including the roof, a coffee counter, bar and restaurant, L.A. Chapter, which opens on January 17.

Brigham Yen thinks the rooftop lounge, Upstairs, will give the Rooftop at the Standard a run for the money. The people behind Brooklyn's Five Leaves Café are behind the restaurant, and while there are minimal details, there are a few vague descriptions about local and organic ingredients, classic and modern techniques, and breaking "from the doldrums of traditional hotel restaurant fare." The executive chef is Ken Addington from Five Leaves, with Micah Fields, who was most recently at The Standard, on Top Chef Seattle and a winner of the Grilled Cheese Invitational in 2011, according to his Twitter bio, alongside him. The space looks cool in the shot above.

While the hotel is in a soft-open phase now, it will go big on January 15.