Magic Restroom Cafe Debuts Toilets at Tables and More

By Lesley Balla  |  October 14, 2013
Credit: Magic Restroom Cafe

The first thing out of our mouth when we heard Magic Restroom Cafe opened in the City of Industry was, "Holy crap." And then we realized the hilarity of even that sentiment. The Taiwanese-inspired spot - yes, similar restaurants have opened in China and beyond - takes potty humor and decor to an all-time high with toilet seats for stools, urinals in the lobby, showerheads for wall art and even names that are just too ridiculous for us to even write out for menu items like braised pork over rice, vanilla-strawberry sundaes and stinky tofu. No tanks are attached to the toilet seats, yet seat covers are offered for diners. Just wow. Is that appetizing? Will you go, even just for the novelty of it? Magic Restroom serves daily from 11 AM-11 PM. [Eater]

18558 Gale Ave.; 626-664-3766