Must-Try Sliders in LA

By Lesley Balla  |  July 30, 2014

Sliders have moved far beyond the short rib or burger. As ubiquitous as they are, what's not to love about mini-sandwiches? The bite-size slider is easy to pick up, and chefs know how to make sure they pack a punch with fried chicken, lobster and even peanut butter and onion rings. Here's a look at eight must-try sliders you'll find around LA now.

1) Cuban Nugg Sliders at Sunny Spot

Every Monday night at the Venice restaurant, you can choose from a number of Roy Choi-created sliders (pictured above), including the One-Fisted Beef slider with aged cheddar, tomato jam and herb mayo; tempura shrimp with avocado mash and jalapeño vinaigrette; and calamari with gremolata, cabbage and basil. The Cuban Nugg slider is pretty unique: a brioche bun stuffed with pork terrine, provolone, prosciutto, potato, coleslaw and herb mayo. Order individual sliders or mix and match for a meal.


2) Meatball Sliders at Ball & Chain

The meatball-focused restaurant lets you pick the ball (Angus beef and pork; pork and chorizo; turkey, duck and chicken; or vegetarian) and a sauce (marinara, pesto, creamy cheese or mushroom gravy) for the sliders. Each are $3, so you can mix and match at will.


3) Lobster Sliders at The Misfit

The fried lobster sliders are called “niks niks” at this Santa Monica mainstay. They're crispy lobster chunks with pancetta, heirloom tomato and a Russian dressing dipping sauce.


4) Tempeh Sliders at SunCafe

Who says meat and seafood lovers should get to have all the slider fun? The Studio City vegan restaurant makes a cornmeal-crusted tempeh slider with pickled radish, arugula, avocado and chipotle mayo. The old-school treat goes well with a vegan vanilla-bean shake or root beer float.


5) Duck Sliders at Belcampo Meat Co.

Getting the most flavor out of the sustainably raised duck meat, the chefs at the Grand Central Market stand steam the ducks, fry the shredded meat until crispy on the edges and top them with hoisin-honey glaze, celery and lemon on a little brioche bun.


6) Fried Chicken Sliders at Twins Sliders

Judging by the name of this little Hollywood walk-up window, sliders are the specialty of the house. They come as either beef burgers or fried chicken, which we think reign. The meat is tender and juicy, fried to perfection and topped with pickles and a housemade Thousand Island sauce. Fries and a shake make great accompaniments.


7) Peanut Butter Slider at Biergarten

The Koreatown brewpub puts a really unique twist on a typical beef burger slider by adding a thick-cut, golden-brown onion ring and peanut butter. Sounds weird, but with the sweet Hawaiian roll bun, it all totally works.


8) Schnitzel Schlydaz at The Must

The little fried pork cutlet, chicken or mushroom schnitzel sandwiches come topped with red cabbage kraut and mustard crème fraîche​ at this Downtown wine bar. They’re especially great at happy hour, when more than 10 different wines by the glass are offered for less than $10.