Our Favorite Donut Holes From Around LA

By Lesley Balla  |  June 5, 2014
Credit: Glazed Donut Bistro

Where there are donuts, there are donut holes. The bite-size goodness that is a ball of fried dough is one of the sweet pleasures in life. Supplying an ample sugar-fix buzz, you don't feel as guilty eating one or two - although 20 might be a stretch. Here are some of our favorites around town. PS: It's National Donut Day on Friday, June 6, the most "holey" of holidays, in case you needed more reason to eat these.

LAMILL Coffee Boutique: The warm brioche donuts at the Silver Lake cafe are the epitome of sweet, fluffy air, powered with sugar and served with a side of raspberry preserves or our preferred Madagascar vanilla cream. They’re limited in availability because once one person orders them, the entire room starts to order them.

Osteria Mozza: They aren't necessarily donut "holes," but Dahlia Alvarez's bombolini, traditional Italian fried donuts, are sheer perfection. They come warm to the table with a side of huckleberry marmellata and lemon mascarpone. It’s the best way to end the meal at this side of the Mozza empire on Melrose. In case you're wondering, the budino is the way to go on the pizza side.

Hinoki & the Bird: For a Spice Trail twist, Kuniko Yagi and David Myers serve little miso donut balls with honey caramel dipping sauce.

Bob's Coffee & Doughnuts: The Original Farmers Market stand has good old-fashioned cake donut holes covered in sprinkles that'll take you back to a simpler and very delicious time, indeed.

Donut Friend: At the happy Highland Park donut shop, where customizable donuts are king, you can pick any flavor of donut holes available and any dipping sauce you want. They've got just about everything: balsamic reduction, caramel, chocolate, dulce de leche and maple syrup sauces.

DK Donuts: Yes, the same place that does waffle donuts and Cronut knock-offs also has - you guessed it - Little O's. These holes come from the croissant-donut hybrid "onuts" with fillings like Nutella. 

Bestia: Genevieve Gergis' "Coffee & Donuts" are really spiced chestnut zeppole, Italian donuts, with whipped cream and coffee ice cream on the side. You have to wait about 10 minutes after you order the warm little pillows, but it is oh so worth it.

Glazed Donut Bistro: The choice of dipping sauce at the West Hollywood cafe is really what makes these donut holes so amazing, although the brioche donut holes covered in sugar are extremely good on their own. But with choices like Roque Double Chocolate Stout chocolate glaze, orange chocolate glaze made with Callebaut chocolate, salted caramel and even strawberry basil, you can have a different combo just about every day for a month.