Photo of the Day: Shojin's Pumpkin Carbonara

By Lesley Balla  |  October 15, 2013
Credit: Shojin

We know, we know. It's all about pumpkin everything everywhere right now. While there are some lovely regional specialties around the country, here in LA we'll see the squash in scones and lattes, brulees and bars, cocktails and, here, a vegan carbonara, two words that wouldn't typically stir up our appetites. But look at this pasta from Shojin, the organic and vegan spot in Culver City, the newer outpost of a Downtown favorite: the brown rice pasta mixed with creamy pumpkin sauce makes tofu cheese, kale and onions look absolutely delicious - creamy, pumpkin-y - even to the most carnivorous and dairy-happy pasta-lover. You'll find the dish throughout October, along with things like pumpkin tempura, creamy pumpkin soup and a chocolate souffle with sweet potato custard. And we repeat: all vegan, some gluten-free. Here's the full menu.