Photo of the Day: Signed by Charlie Trotter

By Lesley Balla  |  November 5, 2013
Credit: Dan Mattern

As the sad news of Charlie Trotter's death reverberates through the food world, chefs, mentees and fans have been sharing their thoughts and memories, including locals like David LeFevre from Fishing With Dynamite and MB Post, who said of Trotter, "He opened my eyes to an attention to detail, he opened my ears to unreasonable pursuits of excellence, and he opened my heart to loving the world of 'the grand cuisine!'" Cooks County chef Dan Mattern didn't work with Trotter but admired him. He posted a photo of a cookbook signed by Trotter that said, "You've got to love what you eat!", and added on the post: "Before Noma and The French Laundry, there was this guy pushing the envelope... And while I never aspired to this kind of cooking, it influenced so many that I know."

Mattern told us he got that while working at Campanile in 2001. "We did a cookbook signing with him there and worked with him in the kitchen," he says. "It was interesting because he had this bad rap about being mean to line cooks. I remember asking him how he thought we should plate something, and he said something like 'make your interpretation of it, that's what I want.'" RIP to a great chef and mentor.