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Roy Choi's First Pot for POT, Coming Soon

By Lesley Balla  |  December 12, 2013

Roy Choi is cooking up some serious flavor for POT, his new restaurant at Koreatown's forthcoming The Line Hotel. During his L.A. Son book tour, he told us how excited he was to get back in the kitchen and experiment, and he's starting to tease some of his creations. This here is the Boot Knocker, a version of buddae jiggae, or army boot stew in Korea. "A mish mash of ingredients from the Army canteen from old Korea," he adds. "They say it had the leather from the boots to create umami back during the war. And I felt if you ate this then some boots would be knocked because it's so delicious. So here you go." And this being Choi, he gets a little philosophical about the process: "I knew this was the food I wanted to do in the heart of Koreatown, but it's been held up in construction delays and left to wander in that weird place for awhile. It feels like an album that's taken years to make, but now that I'm hearing it and seeing the opening soon, it allows me to believe in it again."

Reps and Choi himself are still pretty mum on the exact opening date of POT, but the hotel is now accepting reservations for January, so it will probably be open by then.