LA Trendspotting: Dessert in a Jar

By Lesley Balla  |  May 14, 2014

Cake smooshed into a jar is a pretty clever idea, no matter how you, er, slice it. All you need is a spoon or fork and dessert happens. Jarred desserts, be it cake or pudding, are brilliant sweet treats for on-the-go meals, picnics and gifts. Here are three spot to pick them up now.

Duff's Cakemix: For anyone who can't get to Duff Goldman's West Hollywood bakery to decorate (and eat) cakes and cupcakes, he's now offering cake-in-a-jar in various flavors. "I knew there had to be an easier way to eat a slice of cake," he says. Short of slicing it and putting it on a plate, a napkin or, sure, even your hand. And if you can't get to West Hollywood, anyone can eat the vanilla, chocolate and marble cake with vanilla or chocolate frosting and sprinkles now matter where you live - it's now available for shipping and delivery throughout the U.S. Stop in the bakery to pick up a jar in 8 oz. ($5) or 16 oz. ($8) sizes or order online

101 Coffee Shop: We've been fans of Ann Kirk's desserts at Dominick's, Little Dom's and the Hollywood diner for years. One of her specialties is jarred desserts. While the deli no longer has her puddings and budino in a jar (boo), the diner has a most-decadent chocolate cake in a jar topped with caramel nut frosting. Eat it there or grab it to go. This will be quite the treat for your boxmates at the Hollywood Bowl or at your picnic at the Greek.

Olive & Thyme: If you pop into the Toluca Lake cafe for a sandwich or salad, there's a good chance you'll leave with something sweet even if you didn't mean to. Everything in and on top of the case - cookies, bars, mini cakes, chocolates and more - are diabolically tantalizing - but none more so than the puddings in a jar. Chocolate or butterscotch are both delicious, and the best part is you can eat a few bites and close the lid. Or don't. The jars make great desserts for a dinner party, just make sure you call ahead if it's later in the day. They go pretty fast.