The 'Ice Cream Cleanse' Takes LA

By Lesley Balla  |  March 10, 2014
Credit: Kippy's

Of course someone in Venice came up with an ice cream cleanse. It's not going to happen in Topeka. Kippy's Ice Cream Shop, which serves raw, organic ice cream made with coconut milk and water and honey - no dairy or refined sugar - knows that Angelenos are obsessed with their juice cleanses, so they made the daunting task of de-toxing much more fun - and edible. Owners Kippy Miller and Max Wolf are now offering a customized four-day cleanse that consists of nothing but the vegan ice creams "infused with super foods." So look for things orange creme, dark chocolate with Himalyan fire salt or a lemon-cayenne "master cleanse" ice cream. But as Gizmodo found out, there's still plenty of saturated fat and sugar and the ice cream is delicious. Kippy's cracks and processes over 1,000 fresh coconuts a week but it's still ice cream. Like any cleanse, you'll probably lose some weight but there's a chance you'll put it back on and it's not for penny pinchers - 20 pints of ice cream (five pints for four days) costs about $240. That's a lot of coconuts.