Trend Alert: Cloud Cakes Take LA

By Lesley Balla  |  February 13, 2014
Credit: Le Mervetty

Will merveilleux, a.k.a. "cloud cakes" made from French meringue and whipped cream, be the next cupcake? As of today, with the opening of Le Mervetty in Beverly Hills, there are now not one, but two boutiques selling the treats, which are so light, fluffy and cloud-y that they may just be worthy of a cult-following. Setting the stage, West Hollywood's popular Bo Nuage opened late last year. Here, owners Pascal and Audry Achcar make the delights with crisp meringue cookies layered up with whipped cream and covered in chocolate shavings. At Le Mervetty, pastry chef Etty Benhamou, who obsessed over pavlova desserts and merveilleux while studying in Paris, creates flavors like chocolate, Nutella, praline and speculous daily. Both shops are chic and stylish, as if they were lifted from a rue de Paris. But at only one do women in tutus wait on you. That would be Le Mervetty. Does that make the little desserts taste more French? Perhaps, oui.