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Village Bakery's 13 Days of Halloween Hits This Week

By Lesley Balla  |  October 14, 2013
Credit: Village Bakery

There's always something fantastic and simple at The Village Bakery and Cafe, whether it's a hearty and healthy breakfast, the baked donut muffins or fresh breads. But this time of year things take a deliciously ghoulish turn at the Atwater Village spot, when owner Barbara Monderine and her team of bakers start the annual 13 Days of Halloween celebration. Beginning Saturday, October 19, the bakery will feature a super cute holiday-inspired treat in the pastry case, with a new one every day through October 31. Kids and kids at heart can go in for gingerbread skeletons this Saturday, or wait until the end and get the full array of treats. Here's the rundown on what you'll get and when, but you can special order any of the cupcakes, cookies and, um, "fingers," between now and Halloween, or get a gift box with all 13 for $35.

Sat., Oct. 19: Gingerbread Skeletons
Sun., Oct. 20: Monster Eyeballs
Mon., Oct. 21: Witches' Fingers
Tues., Oct. 22: Spider Web Cupcakes
Wed., Oct. 23: Day of the Dead Cookies
Thurs., Oct. 24: Brownie Bats
Fri., Oct. 25: Witches’ Hats
Sat., Oct. 26:  Monster-Spider Cupcakes
Sun., Oct. 27: Jack Skeleton Cookies
Mon., Oct. 28: Pumpkin Sugar Cookies
Tues., Oct. 29: Dagger & Blood Cupcakes
Wed., Oct. 30: Candy Corn Cheesecake Mousse
Thurs., Oct. 31: Marshmallow Ghosts