What to Eat on Republique's New Daytime Menu

By Lesley Balla  |  August 4, 2014
Credit: Republique/Lesley Balla

Republique, from Walter and Margarita Manzke and Bill Chait, has been a hit since day one. People clamor for the Manzkes' tarte flambées, agnolotti, mussels with white wine and golden frites. The charcuterie is some of the best in town, with terrines, ballontines and pates all made in-house. Margarita’s desserts and breads are incredible, all baked in the space that originally housed the first La Brea Bakery. Not to mention: cocktails and Taylor Parsons’ wine list extraordinaire. There’s a reason it was a hot spot out of the gate.

As of now, you can get breakfast and lunch every day, and the hours for Sunday brunch are extended. That’s right: Republique, seven days a week. Here are at least seven don’t-miss hits from the new all-day menu. Take note: you can't get any of these dishes at night.

1) The Burger

People couldn’t wait to get their hands on a burger à la Manzke. The dry-aged beef patty is seasoned just right, grilled to perfection and topped with grilled onions, Thousand Island dressing, American cheese and iceberg lettuce on a soft poppyseed bun. Sound a little familiar? Yeah, and it’s a 1,000 times better than In-N-Out. It comes with a cone of fries that are basically perfect.


2) Pastries

Margarita Manzke’s pastries and breads have been available at the bakery since earlier this year, but if you haven’t been in to try the flaky croissants filled with ham, tomato and basil, the fruit tarts and especially the crème brûlée​ bombolini, you’re seriously missing out. Now that they’re all available daily, including Sundays, it’s too much temptation to bear. Perfect with Verve coffee or cold brew.


3) Brioche French Toast

This slab of custardy brioche French toast comes to the table looking a little lonely on the plate. It turns out that the small carafe of warm syrup that comes with it is all you need. This is French toast you’ll dream about that night. No, you’ll dream about it an hour after you leave. It’s fantastic.


4) BLT Toast

This the toast to defy the toast trend. Thick-cut bacon, a mess of tangled wild arugula, tomato, Gruyère cheese and a beautiful sunny-side up egg. The perfect breakfast-meets-lunch dish. It’s served open-faced on Margarita’s beautiful country bread, so you’ll need a fork and knife.


5) Shakshouka

The Mediterranean dish of stewed tomatoes and peppers has black kale added for extra heft. Two eggs are cooked in the stew, and it’s topped with a slightly tangy yogurt sauce and served with two hunks of baguette. Dip, bite, repeat.


6) Kimchi Fried Rice

Walter says this is controversial because some people think his kimchi is too mild. Others crave this dish of spiced rice, filled with fermented cabbage, chunks of beef short-rib tips and two poached eggs. It smells and tastes as amazing as it looks.


7) Chopped Salad

Even an everyday chopped salad is pretty dynamite here. Little gem lettuces, crunchy fresh green beans, garbanzos, tomatoes, de Stefano mozzarella and an oregano-shallot vinaigrette. Get it with rotisserie chicken for a fuller meal.