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What's Roy Choi Cooking at POT?

By Lesley Balla  |  January 15, 2014

A spliff-smoking block of ramen, a hot dog, a sexy carrot and tofu sit in a hot tub of broth...and a mushroom drops in. Such is the stuff Roy Choi's dreams are made of, at least in this wacky video for POT, Choi's restaurant opening soon at The Line Hotel in Koreatown. It's not quite a preview for Grant Achatz's Next in Chicago, but then again this isn't Achatz. This is full-on Choi. He's been playing in the kitchen, developing recipes for POT and all of the restaurants at the hotel, and we're pretty sure if anyone who can make hot dogs, tofu, ramen and vegetables work, it would be Papi. The Line Hotel is open for rooms, but the restaurants and Speek, the bar from the Houston brothers, are yet to debut. Early spring is a target.