Lou Malnati Responds to Jon Stewart Pizza Rant

By Kelly Dobkin  |  November 19, 2013

File under "tiresome food debates." Jon Stewart's recent Daily Show rant against Chicago-style deep dish pizza, which went viral last week, plays on the ongoing rivalry between Chicago- and New York-style pizzas. As a response to Stewart's critiques (among them equating the Chi-town specialty with "a swimming pool for rats" and "tomato soup in a bread bowl"), pizza legend Lou Malnati, Jr. has issued a playful response in the form of this video. Malnati bites back at Stewart by knocking NY pizza for being "limp" and "slick" (showing how easily the cheese and sauce slide off a slice).

According to our 2013 Pizza Survey, Chicago-style deep dish is the third most popular style of pizza, with New York-style pizza in a considerable lead at #1, and Neapolitan-style at #2. While it's obvious that many people prefer NY-style pizza, this dialogue rages on, at least for entertainment purposes. Do pizza lovers have to be in one camp or another? Tell us your pizza preferences, and your thoughts on this played-out debate in the comments. [via Slice]