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Mario Batali's New Show Debuts, FDA Takes Back Cheese Statement

By Zagat Staff  |  June 12, 2014

Mario Batali on Hulu:  "The High Road with Mario Batali" made its debut last night, the first of a 12-episode web series. The short films include guests such as George Stephanopolous, and will feature additional celebrities joining the chef in candid conversations as well as journeys throughout New York City. [Hulu]

FDA Clarifies Cheese Statement: After causing commotion with a statement questioning the use of wooden boards to age cheese, the FDA released an update noting they would not ban the traditional practice now or consider doing so in the future. [NY Times]

AirBnb Shares with Home Chefs: The share-your-space site is branching out to amateur chefs with a pilot program that offers people home-cooked meals as opposed to dining in a restaurant. The service is currently available in San Francisco, while other several web sites like EatWith offer a similar program in other cities. [Business Week]

Boulud...Sued: Acclaimed chef Daniel Boulud, who recently settled a lawsuit accusing him of withholding wages, is the subject of a new lawsuit with similar allegations. The civil suit claims Boulud did not share gratuities from private events and forced his staff to complete non-tipped work at his six New York restaurants. [NY Post]

Charlie Trotter Reopening: Beloved Chicago restaurant Charlie Trotter, whose namesake chef passed away in November, is reopening as a nonprofit. Alumni from Trotter's empire, including Moto chef-owner Homaro Cantu, have teamed up with the late chef's family to provide a nutritional and culinary education program for those in need, with the venue also planning to host dining events.