Are These Miami's Best Burgers? Vote Now

By Carissa Chesanek  |  June 24, 2014

Are you a burger fanatic? Do you find with all the fancy, pretty-plated dishes out there, the only thing you eye on an elaborate menu is the classic, beefy burger? If the answer is yes (or even maybe), help us find the best in Miami.

We chose our local favorites to enter into Zagat's national Burger Survey, and now it’s up to you to vote. Does The Real Juicy Cheeseburger at Blue Collar rock your world, or do you prefer the Old School at The Counter? Is Shake Shack's burger as good as everyone says, or does Sakaya Kitchen do it better with its Double Bulgogi Burger? Could the top patty in the city really come from a chain like Houston's!? 

Only you can decide. Click here and vote away, then tell your friends, coworkers, lovers, exes — whoever's burger-obsessed. The title of best burger depends on it.