Best Thing We Ate

Best Thing We Ate: Baked Crab Hand Rolls

By Carissa Chesanek  |  October 30, 2013

Normally the Dragon Lounge above Katsuya South Beach is for VIPs only - think Derek Jeter and David Beckham. It provides them a private locale to relax, order handcrafted drinks and eat the restaurant’s finest sushi in an intimate setting. However, for the newly launched "social hour," featuring half-off starters and select drinks, you don’t even have to be an A-lister to attend. 

We got a chance to check out the night, and tried out signature baked crab hand rolls. Drizzled in the chef's secret sauce and wrapped in rice and soy paper, they're simply addictive.

The Social Hour also offers 50% off the full first two pages of starters and specialty starters while the bartender offers drinks of his choice for half price too. We say, if the watermelon cucumber mojito is being offered, be sure to go with that. It pairs nicely with the crab hand rolls or "crack sticks" as the Katsuya clan called them.