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Buns & Buns Opening Soon in South Miami

By Carissa Chesanek  |  November 26, 2013
Credit: Buns & Buns’

Carb-watchers better look out because the new bread-focused Buns & Buns bakery and restaurant plans to open in South Miami this December. The mysterious team behind it - who has remained anonymous so far - has been traveling around the world for unique recipe ideas, and has recently put together the menu. Featured items include freshly made Peruvian purple potato focaccia, brioche buns and Peking steamed buns, served with made-to-order grill add-ons, such as a deckle cut of beef made with harissa and egg yolk, and lamb ribs with cabbage. The site's Hercule Poirot-style icon heightens the mystery - we'll let you know as more information comes to light.

5748 Sunset Dr.