Cheat Sheet: Kush Wynwood

By Carissa Chesanek  |  April 15, 2014

The team behind the eco-friendly LoKal and Miami Brew Bus recently opened its latest venture, Kush Wynwood. Here's what to expect at this hip new eatery - and if the name makes you think of a certain, green controlled substance, that's not an accident. 

The Gist: A casual craft beer bar and burger joint geared toward the hungry local crowd.

The Vibe: With its industrial-style decor of brick walls, exposed ceiling and keg-based table, plus a lively local crowd, this cozy hole-in-the-wall is the new "it" place to be.

Eat This: You can't go wrong with the traditional LoKal burger topped with avocado, tomato and homemade honey mustard. Just be sure to save room for dessert, namely, the bacon-infused brownie served with a glass of milk and an especially "kushy" accompaniment - a small plastic baggie of "greens."

Drink This: Local Florida brews like Cigar City Hotter then Helles.

Skip This: A side of grilled asparagus - because a burger should never be paired with anything but fries. 

For Fans Of: LoKal, Umami Burger and Burger & Beer Joint

The Damage: While the burgers are pricier than what you might see at a favorite chain (averaging out to $12-$13 each), the quality is legit and you won't leave feeling anything but satisfied.  

The Verdict: The cool vibe, friendly staff and gourmet-style pub grub all make this Wynwood space one to check back often. 

2003 N Miami Ave.; 305-576-4500