Classic Cocktail Guide: Miami's Best Martini, Margarita & More

By Carissa Chesanek  |  March 19, 2014

Miami has plenty of places to find those elaborate avant-garde-type cocktails - we can name about five that serve smoking liquid-nitrogen creations - but sometimes all we want are the classics. When craving a good ol' Manhattan or a simple, no-frills mojito, here are seven places you'll find all the traditional sips.

  • Best Manhattan

    The Classic Recipe: Bourbon whiskey mixed with sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters, then served straight up with maraschino cherry and orange zest.

    Where to Get It: Miami Beach's The Broken Shaker didn't win the title of "Master of the Manhattan" during the Manhattan Experience finale for nothing - it mixes Woodford Reserve bourbon with cherry-bark vanilla bitters and Benedictine, then garnishes with an infused "Filthy" cherry.

    2727 Indian Creek Dr.; 305-531-2727

  • Best Pisco Sour

    The Classic Recipe: Classic Peruvian drink made with Key lime or lemon juice, syrup, egg white and bitters.

    Where to Get It: With the first official Pisco bar in Miami, Wynwood's Peruvian spot SuViche has the resources to craft this cocktail right, melding together homemade sour mix and herb-marinated infusions.

    2751 N. Miami Ave.; 305-501-5010

  • Best Martini

    The Classic Recipe: A timeless combo of gin and vermouth served straight in a cocktail glass and garnished with olives or lemon twist.

    Where to Get It: The first-rate bar at Aventura's Bourbon Steak makes a sexy backdrop for sipping cocktails, including a martini that would make the Rat Pack proud.

    19999 W. Country Club Dr.; 786-279-6600

  • Best Mojito

    The Classic Recipe: A refreshing concoction of white rum, sugar lime juice, club soda and mint.

    Where to Get It: Park it at the bustling bar inside Midtown's SUGARCANE raw bar grill and enjoy grabbing either a pitcher of the original sweet drink, or opt for venue's own beet-infused version by the glass. 

    3252 NE First Ave.; 786-369-0353

  • Best Old Fashioned

    The Classic Recipe: Iconic whiskey-infused drink made with sugar, bitters and orange rind served in signature short tumbler glass.

    Where to Get It: Constructed after an old-school 1920s jazz room, The Regent Cocktail Club has equally iconic cocktails to match the vibe, including its Old Fashioned made with bourbon, bitters and an orange peel that's served over a large ice block.

    1690 Collins Ave.; 305-673-0199

  • Best Margarita

    The Classic Recipe: One of the most notable tequila-based cocktails, made with triple sec, lime or lemon juice and a salted rim.

    Where to Get It: Cantina Beach located at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami, not only has a killer ocean view and breezy ambiance, but it serves intense tequila mixtures like the Millionaire’s Margarita made with Patron Grand Marnier and fresh lime juices.

    455 Grand Bay Dr.; 305-365-4500

  • Best Mint Julep

    The Classic Recipe: A Kentucky Derby staple, blended with bourbon, sugar and mint leaves then served in a pewter cup.

    Where to Get It: An outdoor garden escape overlooking The Raleigh's pool, Restaurant Michael Schwartz, knows how to do this Southern classic cocktail right, keeping everything traditional except for the name, calling it the Steel Cup.

    1775 Collins Ave.; 305-612-1163