How to Get the Best Table in Miami: Hostesses Weigh In

By Carissa Chesanek  |  July 21, 2014

Nabbing a table — let alone a good one — in Miami's coolest restaurants is no easy task. Luckily, these Miami hostesses spilled the secrets to getting the best seat in the house.

  • Who: Sandrine Clinton

    Where: The Local House

    How: "A good attitude is key if you want to snag the best table at our brunch. It also helps to be a repeat customer. When we know you enjoy the food and atmosphere, it just happens.”

  • Who: Emily LaRoche

    Where: Haven

    How: "My No. 1 tip for someone trying to get a table on a packed night is to smile and have a little patience. A reservation in advance is helpful; you’d be surprised how people just assume they can pop in."

  • Who: Alina Melnykova 

    Where: Meat Market (pictured)

    How: “The best way to score a table when the restaurant is booked is to smile, be patient and make yourself stand out. Crack some funny jokes, do a shimmy or dance at the hostess stand, or just do something really unique. I also suggest calling just before you’re headed out, because we get cancelations and you may just score yourself a rezzie.”

  • Who: Melissa Armengol

    ​Where: Perfecto Miami

    How: “If you want to get the best table in our place, give me a call as soon as possible, letting me know your thoughts, and I promise you will have the nicest table that fits your needs."

  • Who: Lugini ​Marie Zimmerman

    Where: Cavalli Miami Restaurant & Lounge

    How: "The best way to get the best table at Cavalli is to look the part. We love beautiful-looking people dressed wonderfully center stage. So this is definitely a restaurant that you should dress well at — and it doesn't hurt wearing Mr. Cavalli."