7 Miami Food Artisans You Should Know

By Carissa Chesanek  |  April 7, 2014

From top-notch bakers to killer picklers, Miami is home to some pretty talented culinary individuals. Here are seven of Miami's most promising food artisans to check out right now.

  • Zak Stern; Baker

    Why We Love Him: Known to Miami locals as Zak the Baker, this craftsman has perfected the ideal doughy bread that even James Beard Award-winning chef Michelle Bernstein serves in her popular MiMo eatery. 

    Signature Item: Sourdough Jewish rye with an extra-chewy crust

    Where to Try: Pinecrest Farmers Market (Sundays), Michy's or Oak Tavern, where it's served alongside the elaborate charcuterie board.

  • Isabel and Susana Garcia; Chocolatiers

    Why We Love Them: The sister-in-law team behind the online sweet shop Cacao Art is known for making all-natural, handmade artisanal Venezuelan chocolate.

    Signature Item: Award-winning Honey Cardamom Bonbon infused with chocolate ganache

    Where to Try: Online at Cacao Art or inside Atelier Monnier bakeries in Pinecrest and Brickell.

  • Ryan Harrison; Pickler

    Why We Love Him: The executive chef at Taperia Raca and first-rate pickler masters flavorful artisan pickles stemmed from an old, secret family recipe that he learned from his mom.

    Signature Item: Crisp, fresh pickles made in a vinegar-based brine that's infused with fresh garlic and dill

    Where to Try: Sold by the jar in Hallandale Beach's Mas Vino, or at his new Spanish tapas restaurant, where he serves tasty daily made pickled vegetables in sherry vinegar and garlic.

    Editor's Note: Harrison is a close acquaintance of the author of this piece.

  • Marcie Davis; Honey Maker

    Why We Love Her: Miami-based beekeeper and honey maker is so passionate about the impact bees have on the food chain that she keeps 13 hives in her backyard. 

    Signature Item: Tropical Wildflower Honey made with a variety of tropical nectars

    Where to Try: It's sold at the online store Fire Lady or at Coconut Grove Organic Farmers Market on Sundays.

  • Andres Barrientos & James Bowers; Meat Smokers 

    Why We Love Them: The guys behind the local smokehouse Miami Smokers utilize creative curing and smoking techniques to create their artisanal charcuterie.

    Signature Item: Melt-in-your-mouth candied bacon made with Florida pork belly that's been cured with guava

    Where to Try: Their Little Havana shop is still in the works, so your best bet is to call them for an order (305-989-8848). You can also sample at The Federal Food, Drink & Provisions and Azucar Ice Cream Companywhere it's mixed in with vanilla ice cream, maple and bourbon.

  • Monique Font Delacroix; Empanada Maker

    Why We Love Her: The pastry chef behind The Empanada Lady prides herself on making incredibly addictive turnovers with all organic ingredients, including vegan dough.

    Signature Item: Spanish chorizo, sweet onions and mozzarella empanada

    Where to Try: Lincoln Road Farmers Market and West Boca Green Market (both held on Sundays)

  • Renee Joslyn; Jam Maker 

    Why We Love Her: The woman behind Freakin' Flamingo supplies her jam-obsessed followers with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients - including Florida rum.  

    Signature Item: Guayaba Blanca jam made with white guava and a hint of Key lime

    Where to Try: Online at Freakin' Flamingo's virtual shop or on Saturdays at the Southwest Community Farmers' Market in Tropical Park