How to Navigate 8 Miami Celeb Hot Spots

By Carissa Chesanek  |  March 21, 2014

Sure, celebrities can be spotted at the newest, trendiest places upon opening, but there are a few staples here that pretty much guarantee VIP sightings. Here's everything you need to know about Miami's prime A-list hangs. 

  • LIV

    Spotted There: 2 Chainz, Miley Cyrus

    How Hard It Is to Get in: Dressing up is key, but won't necessarily guarantee access passed the doorman (knowing someone is usually key).

    What to Order: A bottle of Moët & Chandon

    How Much You'll Drop: With high-priced drinks and ridiculous coverage charges, there's no way you're leaving without dropping over $200.

    Where the VIPs Hang: At a table roped off to the rest of the club

    4441 Collins Ave.; 305-674-4680

  • Nobu Miami Beach

    Spotted There: Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson

    How Hard It Is to Get in: Don't even try to get in there without a reservation on the weekend - or during the week for that matter. 

    What to Order: Big-eye tuna tataki and ankimo with caviar

    How Much You'll Drop: A dinner for two will mostly cost you a couple hundred, and it's pretty much impossible to nab a cheap bottle here.

    Where the VIPs Hang: They pretty much run the place in just about every corner.

    1901 Collins Ave.; 305-695-3232

  • Mansion

    Spotted There: Diddy, Flo Rida

    How Hard It Is to Get in: Dress to impress or else you'll be in line with the rest of the casually clothed crowd. 

    What to Order: Bottle service

    How Much You'll Drop: Enough to make you question where your cash went the next morning

    Where the VIPs Hang: A small table on the top floor

    1235 Washington Ave.; 786-735-3344

  • Prime 112

    Spotted There: LeBron James, Kim Kardashian

    How Hard It Is to Get in: Expect a 40-minute wait for dinner (that's even with a reservation)

    What to Order: 14-oz. New York Strip and five-cheese truffle mac

    How Much You'll Drop: Drinks and apps at the bar won't break the bank, but a dinner might cost you next month's rent.

    Where the VIPs Hang: While the bar is the happening spot for the everyday crowd, A-listers are usually off on the side at their own secluded tables.

    112 Ocean Dr.; 305-532-8112

  • Wall Lounge

    Spotted There: Dwayne Wade, Jennifer Lopez

    How Hard It Is to Get in: Get there early and you'll usually be able to breeze right through, but after midnight, the crowds bring longer lines and a stricter doorman.

    What to Order: Vodka tonic

    How Much You'll Drop: With typical expensive South Beach prices, it's best to try to make friends with a group that already has a table - and a bottle.

    Where the VIPs Hang: At their own tables sprawled on a couch

    2201 Collins Ave.; 305-938-3130

  • Setai The Restaurant 

    Spotted There: Jay-Z, Britney Spears

    How Hard It Is to Get in: Call a few days in advance for a reservation, and you're golden.

    What to Order: Kuroge Wagyu beef carpaccio with olive oil and pan-seared Florida spiny lobster with sesame seeds.

    How Much You'll Drop: If you go for a special occasion, you might not feel as guilty about dipping into your savings for dinner.

    Where the VIPs Hang: A quiet table in the corner or outside in the courtyard.

    2001 Collins Ave.; 305-520-6400

  • Cameo

    Spotted There: Chris Brown, Pauly D

    How Hard It Is to Get in: There might be a line, but you'll usually get in without a problem - or a fancy wardrobe.

    What to Order: Rum and Coke.

    How Much You'll Drop: While not cheap, a night here won't necessarily leave your wallet empty. 

    Where the VIPs Hang: DJ booth

    1445 Washington Ave.; 305-587-2272

  • The Forge

    Spotted There: Queen Latifah, Russell Simmons

    How Hard It Is to Get in: Getting in here during the week is no problem - it's the weekend when you'll need to reserve a spot ahead of time.

    What to Order: Maine lobster or the signature burger 

    How Much You'll Drop: Entrees are around $40 each, so dinner for two will be well over $200 - especially when tacking on a glass of wine.

    Where the VIPs Hang: The huge space has various rooms for the bigwigs to hide away in. 

    432 41st St.; 305-538-8533