New Hotness: Track Your Place in Line With NoshList

By Kelly Dobkin  |  December 9, 2013

Forgive the shill that follows, but we have a new obsession: A handy-dandy app called NoshList is revolutionizing how restaurants handle queuing customers. A recent meal at Umami Burger NYC was our first encounter with said app and it went a little something like this: We gave the hostess our name and phone number, which she entered into her iPad and then quoted us a wait time for 45 minutes. Next, we headed around the corner for a drink at a nearby bar and immediately received a text linking us to the virtual wait list that the hostess was holding (pictured above). NoshList lets you have full access to your spot in line and updates your wait time as it counts down, meaning you no longer have to crane your next trying to sneak a peek at the list old-school style. So simple, but so satisfying. Can every other wait-prone restaurant get on this, please?