10 Must-Try Iced Coffees in NYC

By Patty Lee  |  June 2, 2015
Credit: Liz Clayton

As the seasons turn, it's time to trade in that hot cup of joe for something icy. From iced lattes spiked with lavender to a cold-brew ice cream float, here are 10 caffeinated drinks that'll keep you cool all summer long.

Iced Mexican Mocha at El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette

Crowned with mint leaves, the Counter Culture iced mocha at this LES hot spot sports a generous kick thanks to a sprinkling of chile flakes and cinnamon.

100 Stanton St.; 212-260-3950

The Shakedown at Joe

Baristas shake up a shot of espresso, simple syrup and splash of milk with ice cubes to form this refreshing sipper (pictured below).

Multiple locations

East Village Special at Everyman Espresso

In a tribute to the Manhattan Special, the Soho shop has crafted a light, fizzy drink that mixes a double shot of Counter Culture's Hologram espresso with lemon juice, Bittermen's 'Elemakule Tiki bitters and orange cream citrate.

301 W. Broadway; 212-533-0524

Iced Lavender Latte at Bibble & Sip

Housemade lavender syrup adds a floral note and rounds out the bitter edge of the milky chilled espresso at this airy Theater District cafe.

253 W. 51st St.; 646-649-5116

Cold-Brew Tonic at Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Available through September, this limited-edition special — a collab between the Portland-based roaster and Fever-Tree — adds a dose of Stumptown's Ethiopian cold-brew concentrate to the soda maker's Indian tonic with a touch of cherry syrup. The bubbly glass is garnished with a Luxardo maraschino cherry. 

30 W. Eighth St.; 347-414-7802

Nutella Affogato at Eataly

This decadent pick-me-up at Eataly's newly reopened Nutella bar straddles the line between drink and dessert: a scoop of the market's fior di latte gelato smothered with a shot of Lavazza and, of course, the hazelnut-chocolate spread.

200 Fifth Ave.; 212-229-2560

Cold-Brew Ice Cream Float at Oddfellows Ice Cream Co.

To keep you cool and buzzed, Sam Mason's whimsical scoops shop will swap soda for Grady's cold brew — plus an ice cream of your choice — in its floats (pictured above) this summer.

175 Kent Ave., Brooklyn; 347-599-0556
75 E. Fourth St.; 917-475-1812

Iced Vietnamese Coffee at AP Cafe

The industrial-chic coffee shop stays true to tradition and makes its dreamy Vietnamese coffee using Cafe du Monde's chicory blend and a dollop of condensed milk.

420 Troutman St., Brooklyn; 347-404-6147

Espresso Julep at Toby's Estate

A beloved warm-weather favorite, this cooling concoction of mint and basil-infused syrup, a double shot and textured milk makes its annual return to the menu this week.

Multiple locations

Blackstrap Soda at Irving Farm

The roaster's java-infused egg cream (pictured at top) features its complex and velvety Blackstrap espresso, homemade chocolate and vanilla syrups, cream and Saratoga sparkling water.

Multiple locations