10 Sweet New Dessert Shops in Manhattan

By Kirsten Stamn  |  November 5, 2013

If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s this: there can never be enough sweets. Luckily for us, there's a whole new treasure trove of confectioneries popping in the city. Here, our short list of those you must check out. Dessert crawl, anyone?

  • Pomme Palais

    Michel Richard’s new bakery and cafe in the lobby of the New York Palace Hotel offers a staggering array of beautiful pastries, macarons and candies, plus some pretty serious espresso. (You can also grab some savory options for lunch, but what’s the fun in that?) We recommend the Lemon Egg-ceptional, which looks like a soft-boiled egg but is actually a white chocolate “egg” half-filled with meringue and lemon curd, and cradled in a bed of delicate strings of phyllo dough.

    455 Madison Ave., 212-888-7000

  • Bonjour Crêpes & Wine

    We’re pretty psyched about this new outpost of the popular UES crêpes spot. It’s the perfect place to stop in for a cup of coffee while digging into some fantastic sweet offerings. (On the specials board: Nutella, strawberry and bacon. Oh, yeah.) Even better? A wine license should be coming within the month.

    1442 Lexington Ave.

  • Treat House

    Attention Rice Krispies treat fanatics: the recently opened Treat House on the Upper West Side is pretty much your version of heaven. They’ve got seasonal-appropriate versions like pumpkin spice, candy corn and maple pecan, as well as some more out-there flavors like bubble gum. It’s a great antidote for those who are cupcaked out.

    452 Amsterdam Ave.; 212-799-7779

  • Ô Merveilleux

    There’s a new pastry in town, and it just might give all the others a run for their money. Behold, the merveilleux, a traditional Belgian pastry. Imagine two layers of hardened, airy meringue with fresh whipped cream separating and surrounding them, and then coated with chocolate shavings. You’re so welcome.

    1509 Second Ave.; 646-681-8688

  • Dough Loco

    With combinations like raspberry Sriracha, pineapple brown butter and maple miso, the doughnuts at this new East Harlem hot spot have reignited our love for the classic Americana sweet. Corey Cova, Ryan Gaskins and Michael Cesari’s shop also carries Blue Bottle coffee, which is a match made in heaven for any early morning (or, hey, even midday) cravings.

    1261 Park Ave.

  • H Bake Shop

    New York’s long-defining treat just got an upgrade with Cupcake Wars’  Huascar Aquino’s new Midtown shop. Think combinations like vanilla/champagne, pumpkin/coffee/chai and sweet potato/cranberry/maple for his fall lineup. Plus, he’s also offering custom cakes and assorted pies, cookies and other treats.

    601 W. 57th St.; 212-265-2399

  • Dolce Gelateria

    This new gelato spot in the West Village knows how to set itself apart: simply make your ice cream look like spaghetti. Basically, it’s vanilla gelato pushed through a pasta maker to resemble noodles, then topped with your choice of fruit-based sauce and - if you’re feeling extra fancy - a few “meatballs” (i.e., a scoop of your choice of gelato). It’s super cute and actually very tasty, since the gelato ends up being much airier than the typical scoops. They also have legit ice cream sandwiches, served on brioche buns.

    33 Barrow St.; 212-206-8697

  • Nice & Sweet

    Ok, ok - hear us out before you judge. Play, the upscale bar adjoining the Museum of Sex, now has a cafe selling Balthazar pastries and housemade cakes, bars and cookies alongside some serious coffee. No erotic baking here - it's super chic and friendly, so if you’re in the neighborhood and need some sugar, don't miss it.

    1 E. 27th St.; 212-447-7529

  • Davey’s Ice Cream

    The East Village’s newest ice cream spot has a smart, modern look, but it’s all old-school here. The ever-changing roster of ice creams and seasonal sorbets (including Concord grape and a soon-to-come apple-ginger) are all made in-house, accompanied by other goodies like fudgy brownies, super-rich hot chocolate, milkshakes and soda floats. It’s a fabulous stop for those who live nearby or are just hanging out.

    137 First Ave.; 212-228-8032

  • Eight Turn Crêpe

    In its first U.S. location, Tokyo-based Eight Turn Crêpe doles out Japanese-style French street food from its new SoHo digs to pretty much unanimous praise. Because how could you hate on crêpes stuffed to the gills with an assortment of ice cream, fruit, cream and chocolate? We're particularly intrigued by their mix of sweet and savory, like the black sesame s’more variety; if you’ve tried one, let us know what you think in the comments.

    55 Spring St., 212-334-3408