8 New Lobster Rolls to Try in NYC This Summer

By Kelly Dobkin  |  June 9, 2014

Summer in NYC = time for lobster rolls. Here are eight recent additions to the ever-growing array of options for getting your fix on that classic combo of lobster, lemon juice and mayonnaise on a toasted bun. Tell us your thoughts on social media using hashtag #ZagatSummer.

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  • Credit: Bill Milne

    The Gander

    At chef Jesse Schenker's new Flatiron restaurant, he prepares this deconstructed version of the traditional lobster roll by shaping tail, knuckle and claw meat with lobster roe into cylindrical logs that are then steamed. The resulting dish is a perfectly round lobster tail with orange roe studded throughout, which is then served sliced on housemade brioche and topped with lobster butter.

    15 W. 18th St.; 212-229-9500

  • North River Lobster Co.

    This new former-cruise-ship-turned-floating-seafood-restaurant puts its take on the New England classic by mixing fresh poached Maine lobster with yuzu aïoli and serving it on a brioche roll with homemade coleslaw.

    41st St. and the West Side Highway; 212-630-8831

  • Clement at the Peninsula Hotel

    Chef Brandon Kida starts with lobster from Portland, ME and then butter-poaches it and mixes with a red-chile aïoli. The lobster salad is then served atop a Bien Cuit croissant with butter lettuce and Old Bay fries on the side.  

    700 Fifth Ave.; 212-903-3918

  • $160 Lobster roll at BLT Fish

    The ultraluxe-food-item trend continues today with this latest entrant, a $160 lobster roll made by BLT Fish chef (and Zagat Single) Luke Venner. It contains 1¾ pounds of lobster meat, gold leaf, caviar, French butter and some fancy chives. The special pricey Connecticut-style roll is only available by request.

    21 W. 17th St.; 212-691-8888

  • The Wayfarer

    The petit lobster roll at this Midtown American in the Quin Hotel is served with lettuce, pickled onions and Old Bay chips.

    101 W. 57th St.; 212-691-0030

  • Arlington Club

    Laurent Tourondel's UES American fixture just added a lobster roll to its menu with Meyer-lemon mayonnaise and kale coleslaw.

    1032 Lexington Ave.; 212-249-5700

  • The Clam

    Imagine eating a sandwich containing both fried clams and a lobster roll—is your head exploding yet? Get down to the mollusk-devoted West Village eatery from Mike Price and Joey Campanaro and sample this thing firsthand.

    420 Hudson St.; 212-242-7420

  • Extra Fancy

    Chef Sean Telo took over the kitchen at Extra Fancy earlier this year, putting his own take on the New England classic by doing it Connecticut-style. Fresh lobster is mixed with warm garlic butter, smoked paprika aïoli and lemon juice, and served atop bibb lettuce and fresh chervil.

    302 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn; 347-422-0939