A New Standing-Only Japanese Steakhouse Comes to the East Village

By Margaret Sutherlin  |  February 23, 2017

Popular Tokyo-based Ikinari Steak throws the steakhouse rule book out the window, landing in the East Village today. Diners at this Japanese chain choose their cuts at the counter, buy their steaks by the ounce and forgo the hours-long meal in a cozy booth, opting instead eat standing at a counter-level tables.

Inside New York's Ikinari Steak

Most diners are in-and-out in about 30 minutes, and that means the menu is pretty straight forward. Part of the whole Ikinari experience, besides the standing, is selecting the your choice of beef (a choice of ribeye, sirloin, or filet) and then watching as a chef cuts and weighs the meat in front of you before it's sent to be grilled. Thick-cut, wet-aged Angus steaks are this spot’s specialty, so look for a minimum of about a 7.1-oz. on an order (200 grams). The steaks are grilled rare over an open flame and served in a hot cast iron skillet with the signature soy steak sauce and a daily veggie. Sides are limited to a daily soup, salad or rice, including Ikinari's pepper rice.

Ikinari Steak in New York

At lunch look for a $20 special for about a 10 oz. Chuck Eye steak with soup, salad and rice. Beringer Founder's Estate wines are available for $30 a bottle or $8 a glass. Sapporo is the beer of choice. The menu keeps it simple so there aren’t any appetizers or desserts here either. 

The Village outpost will have 40 standing spots and about 10 seats at tables, plus a small courtyard. 

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