Are These New York's Best Burgers? Tell Us in Our NYC Restaurant Survey!

By Zagat Staff
April 11, 2014
By Zagat Staff  |  April 11, 2014

We know this city is full of hunks - of the meat variety that is - which is why choosing our favorite can be rough. However, the 10 restaurants below made our cut in the last Zagat survey for grilling up the best burger. Will 2014 be the same old song? Or are there a new crop of contenders? Let us know what you think by April 15, and you'll receive a copy of our 2015 NYC Restaurants Guide when it comes out this fall. Click here to get started.

And bonus points for you comedians out there - the five wittiest entries will receive a Nexus 7 tablet. Score!

  • No. 5: Corner Bistro

    Food: 22

    Decor: 12

    Service: 14

    Cost: $20

    "Memorable", "messy" burgers dished out on paper plates in "sticky booths" make for classic "slumming" at this "dingy" Village perennial (with a slightly "nicer" LIC spin-off); "cheap beer", "long waits" and "student crowds" are all part of the timelessly "cool" experience.

    331 West 4 St.; 212-242-9502; Additional locations

    What are your favorite burgers? Vote in the NYC survey

  • No. 4: Bonnie's Grill

    Food: 22

    Decor: 14

    Service: 19

    Cost: $22

    Park Slopers refuel at this "short-order joint" slinging "damn good burgers" and other basics in "classic diner" digs; it's "fun sitting at the counter" and the grub's "well priced", but since the dimensions are "slim", "good luck getting a seat on the weekend."

    278 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-369-9527

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  • No. 3: Bareburger

    Food: 23

    Decor: 18

    Service: 20

    Cost: $22

    Rapidly expanding, this "special" burger chain focuses on "natural, organic" beef (plus elk, bison, ostrich and wild boar) with "delicious" results; maybe it's "a bit expensive" for the genre, but in return "you get quality" and the satisfaction of eating "healthy."

    1370 First Ave; 212-510-8559; Additional

    What are your favorite burgers? Vote in the NYC survey

  • No. 2: Burger Bistro

    Food: 24

    Decor: 18

    Service: 21

    Cost: $21

    "So many options to choose from" is the hallmark of this "build-your-own-burger" duo in Bay Ridge and Park Slope, offering "perfectly cooked" patties accessorized with "every topping imaginable"; "friendly" service and "Brooklyn prices" keep the trade brisk.

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  • No. 1: Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien

    Food: 24

    Decor: 13

    Service: 14

    Cost: $17

    Probably NYC's "worst-kept secret", this burger "speakeasy" hidden behind a "giant curtain" in the Parker Meridien draws "crazy lines" for its "damn fine" patties – voted "tops" in NYC – offered in "tacky" digs with "lacking service" quite at odds with its "luxurious" hotel setting; for those seeking elbow room there's now a roomier Village outpost, which also pours liquor.

    119 W 56 St.; 212-708-7414

    What are your favorite burgers? Vote in the NYC survey


Places Mentioned


Burger • East 70s

Food21 Decor16 Service19 Cost$23
Corner Bistro

Burger • West Village

Food22 Decor11 Service15 Cost$22
Burger Bistro

Burger • Park Slope

Food21 Decor15 Service21 Cost$21
Bonnie's Grill

American • Park Slope

Food22 Decor13 Service20 Cost$28
burger joint

Burger • Midtown

Food23 Decor13 Service15 Cost$19
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