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Arepas Cafe Owners Expand in Queens With Arepas Grill

By Jenny Miller  |  July 31, 2013

Astoria Venezualan favorite Arepas Cafe has expanded to a new location, Arepas Grill, on Broadway not far from the original. Owner Riccardo Romero tells us this restaurant is larger than his first one, with 65 seats, and it has a "better menu." That means that in addition to the griddled corn cakes filled with things like carne mechada (Venezualan-style shredded beef), you'll find some Caribbean and Mediterranean dishes, including pastas. One new dish is asado negro, a cylindrical cut of beef in a rich, sweet glaze, accompanied by rice, black beans and plantains. Arepas Grill is open from 11 AM onward daily - until 10 PM Sunday to Thursday, and till midnight Friday and Saturdays.