Best Thing We Ate

Best Thing We Ate: M Shanghai Bistro Soup Dumplings

By Billy Lyons  |  December 13, 2013

Relief from the blistering cold arrived last night in the form of a delivery man from M Shanghai Bistro and Garden. In his hands: a container of xialongbao, also known as soup dumplings, or on the restaurant's menu, steamed juicy pork buns. Filled with an umami-rich broth and filling, each bite sent a river of delicious lava shooting down our stomachs. The fragileness of the dish - one errant poke and a waterfall of juice could wind up on your shirt - makes savoring each bite all the more rewarding. Though we might have overdone it by getting two orders (each is just $7.50 for six fat dumplings), the mix of meat, flour, and flavorful filled broth was definitely a home remedy for the awful weather.