City Grit Launches Fundraising Drive for Pending Move

By James Mulcahy  |  August 1, 2013

City Grit, an inspired culinary salon (kind of like a permanent pop-up) is getting ready to move from it's SoHo location, and founder Sarah Simmons is asking for your help. The salon just launched a Kickstarter campaign and is seeking to raise $100,000 for its move. The message on the fundraising site says that Simmons already has a location in mind, but she needs the dough to sign the lease and get working. Even though the space is a total charmer, it's a 200-year-old building and visiting chefs have to cook in a kitchen that used to house the cafeteria staff in an old schoolhouse (and the bathrooms in the builidng are less than ideal). The campaign is up through August 30 - it's a worthy cause in the food world so if you're into it, donate here