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Coming Soon: O Merveilleux - Hot New Dessert Trend?

By Anne Roderique Jones  |  October 10, 2013

New York has a serious sweet tooth - from the cupcake to the doughnut to the cronut, we can’t seem get enough of the sugary stuff. The latest contender has been relatively unknown in the U.S. up until now, but Belgium’s merveilleux just might be the hottest new dessert to hit town. This airy meringue pastry is bathed in fresh whipped cream, then coated in another layer of meringue, topped with more whipped cream and layered with shavings of white or dark chocolate. Belgian pastry chef Anne-Sphie Diotallevi has a passion for it, and is handcrafting the delicate treats in her new Upper East Side bakery, O Merveilleux, that will open this Saturday.

The inviting space offers communal seating and a large window for peeping into the kitchen to watch the bakers assemble these sweet works of art. They'll be available in regular and bite-sized portions in chocolate, white chocolate and speculoos (a spiced gingerbread flavor), along with Counter Culture coffee and tea. 1509 2nd Ave.; 646-681-8688